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Turf Master takes pride in providing you with organic lawn care that you and your family deserves. From start to finish, the professionals at Turf Masters understand that your lawn is an extension of your home, that is why we offer safe, organic care that will keep you and your family protected from unwanted chemicals. Whether you wish to entertain or just enjoy the scenery, they understand the importance of recreating your vision of a beautiful chemical free lawn. From power-seeding to organic lawn care, Turf Masters specializes in giving you a magnificent lawn you have dreamed of having. Call today for your FREE quote or click on our lawn care pricing tool to get a price.

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When it comes down to taking care of your lawn, Turf Masters Guarantees to make and keep your lawn Beautiful and Healthy. If you are not completely satisfied with an application, Turf Masters will return and re-apply the application at no expense to the customer. We care about the grass that grows under your feet!

Organic Lawn Care

The use of chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers can harm your lawn and your home. The soil is reconditioned as microorganisms are applied to the lawn.


Using the best lawn fertilization will not only help your lawn’s organic growth, but your lawn will become more stress resistant and easier to recover from disease and pests.

Core Aeration

Aeration reduces soil compaction, and thatch. Thatch is made up of grass stems and roots making the lawn favorable to pests and disease.

Power Seeding

During powerseeding, seeds are directly inserted into the soil. This will increase the germination rate of the seed providing increased grass growth.